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2020 / 2021 has been a boom year for skincare categories . 

With many of us now working from home, we’ve had the luxury of additional time on our hands for home treatments. 

But how much is too much and what are the signs that you may have gone overboard with overzealous exfoliation?


Exfoliation is an additional step in your skincare regime designed to amplify your results. It expedites and removes a build-up of dead skin cells and assist with the natural shedding process that tends to slow down as we age. 

Exfoliation addresses issues such as dry, flaky skin with the results revealing a renewed and radiant complexion sitting just below the surface.

Exfoliating the dead skin cells also allows an improved delivery system and penetration of active ingredients found in serums ,lotions and, hydrating ingredients found in moisturizers.

Correct exfoliation leaves a fresh, healthy, and clean skin surface which forms the foundation of good skin and a clear complexion.

Over-exfoliating is a common mistake. 

The general rule for exfoliating your skin is a maximum of 2-3 times a week. This includes acids as well as physical exfoliants. 

The desired effect is to increase cell turnover minus any damaging effects. Irritation occurs when you have removed more skin cells than your body has been able to replace and regenerate.


Irritation, burning, or peeling

Redness and inflammation

Breakouts - small pimples

Dermal impairment - increased sensitivity to other products in your daily routine

Sad to say, the impact of over exfoliation is that your complexion becomes dry and flaky and, you may even develop an uneven patchy skin tone.

A clear sign to look out for is a change in the texture of your skin . A "waxy” texture can be evident if you have removed the naturally occurring lipids and prematurely exposed new skin cells. This may be even more challenging to identify as your skin may have a healthy glow and radiant shine but in actual fact, it's suffering from over stimulation and is prone to dryness and overexposure. 

The long-term effects can result in dermal impairment which is best avoided at all costs. 

Healthy, glowing skin should appear hydrated and plump as opposed to waxy, thin or dry.


Patience is key ! 

Stop exfoliating until your skin has healed and returned to a base line texture. Allow for a month to six weeks (the length of your skin cell cycle) for your skin to return to its baseline. 

A cold compress can be applied immediately to over-exfoliated skin. 

Avoid using harsh cleansers that are not pH balanced this will further dry your skin.

Avoid retinol products and physical or chemical exfoliators (AHA’s)

Switch to a mild cleanser and gentle moisturizer.

Avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen to prevent further damage.

Simplify your skincare routine and avoid too many active skincare products .

To assist with hydration and rebalancing your skin texture , our NIKKISAVY SANDALWOOD OIL  should be your go to product .

Once your skin has healed, you can slowly reintroduce exfoliating again once per week, then after several weeks if there are no issues, you can increase exfoliating to twice weekly. 

If you notice any redness, tingling or peeling, cut back to once week or give your skin a break for several weeks.


1 -Your skin naturally exfoliates itself .

2 -The process known as shedding is approximately a 28-day cycle in which new skin cells, develop, mature move towards the outer skin layer and naturally shed. 

3 - As we age, the shedding process slows down.

4 - Interruptions to the skin's natural exfoliation process include pollution , imbalanced oil production and dermal impairment.

5 - Mixing and matching too many different types of exfoliators can cause long-term damage to your skin. 

Have you tried any of the NIKKISAVY SCRUBS AND EXFOLIANTS ?

Friday, June 26, 2015


While it’s impossible to stop your skin from aging , there’s a lot that you can do to slow down the process . Of course, you need to start early so that your skin shows visible signs of aging quite later .

If you’re worried about fine lines and wrinkles , sun spots , and more , it’s time you do the best you can for your skin so that you don’t have to deal with these problems soon . And if you already have a few of these problems , it’s never too late to do the right things .

Eat and Drink Healthy :

Working from the inside out is the best thing you can do for your skin . What you eat shows on your skin , and if you eat a healthy diet , you’re sure to have beautiful glowing skin .
Include Vitamin C-rich foods in your diet . They help produce collagen fibers that are essential for keeping skin firm and supple .
Protein-rich foods like meats rebuild cells and help repair skin .
Cut down on junk food as it contains excess sugar , salt , and fat . These components of food lead to cell break down and damage your skin .
Always drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated .

Give Up Bad Habits :

This includes smoking and drinking excess alcohol .
Smoking is not only bad for your heart , but for your skin too . It causes skin to sag , wrinkle , and discolor , making you look years older than you actually are .
Smoking cigarettes primarily affects the delicate areas of your face - around the lips and under the eyes . The habit also causes wrinkles all over the body as the chemicals in the smoke break down elastin and collagen cells . Furthermore , nicotine causes your skin to age prematurely by narrowing blood vessels and thereby decreasing blood flow to the skin cells .
When it comes to alcohol , drinking in moderation is fine . But too much of it dehydrates your skin . Additionally , alcohol dilates blood capillaries which can give your skin a flushed appearance .

Use The Right Products :

Everyone’s skin is different so you can’t just slather on any cream you wish to . You need to buy products that suit your skin type .
It is important for you to know if you have normal , dry , oily , combination , or sensitive skin .
You also need to be clear about your skin concerns . Are you looking for products that will help fight acne , sun spots , wrinkles , or under-eye dark circles ?
Understand your skin’s needs and buy products accordingly .
If you’re unsure of a product , try out a patch test first .
Complete guide of good skincare products

Follow Your Skin Care Routine Religiously :

Once you know what products work best for your skin type , you simply need to ensure that you’re using them regularly and as intended .
Cleanse your skin daily . Avoid bar soaps that have sulfates as these can dry your skin .
Liquid cleansers are less harsh and using one with benzoyl peroxide regularly can help prevent acne breakouts .
Exfoliating your skin at least once a week is important . It will slough off dead skin cells and make your skin soft and smooth . Don’t overdo it ; harsh exfoliators can further dry your skin .
Some gentle exfoliators can be used every day though .
Moisturizing skin is a must - even if you have oily skin . Just be sure to choose a non-greasy formula . Moisturizing your skin seals in moisture and makes your skin supple . If you’re using anti-aging creams , be sure to apply gently on fragile areas .

Stay Out Of The Sun :

Sure , everyone needs a little sun . But if you have spent your whole life soaking up the sun , you need to stop .
Long-term exposure to the sun can cause age spots , wrinkles , and other skin problems . It can also increase the risk of skin cancer .
Avoid going out when the sun’s rays are the strongest - between 10 AM and 3PM . Whenever you do head out , be sure to cover yourself with protective clothing to block the sun out .
Opt for tightly-woven clothing , full-sleeved tops , and long pants . Put on a wide-brimmed hat as well .
And never forget to apply sunscreen . Choose one that has a minimum SPF50  if you are in africa and apply generously . If you’re going to stay out in the sun for long , be sure to re-apply every two hours .

Apply Make-Up Sparingly :

When it comes to applying make-up on visibly aging skin , less is always more .
Never try to hide your fine lines and wrinkles with foundation or concealer ; doing so will make them more prominent .
Go for mineral make-up ; it’s the best and most brands are also hypo-allergenic . Be sure to moisturize your skin well and allow the product a few minutes to get absorbed before you apply make-up .
Choose eye-shadow and lipstick colors and finishes wisely . Extra dark colors and products in a glossy or a frosted finish will make you look older . Go for creamy and moisturizing products in nude or light colors .
Remember to always take all traces of make-up off your face before going to bed . Your skin needs to breathe and going to bed without cleansing your face will clog up your pores .


There’s nothing to worry if you’ve started to see signs of aging on your skin . Just follow the tips mentioned here and your skin is sure to look youthful and radiant !

Monday, June 22, 2015


Your skin is your body’s largest organ . It is complex and multi-layered .
How well do you know it ?
Changes in health , weight and just the process of aging have an effect on skin’s elasticity .


Collagen and elastin , this two proteins are necessary for skin health because they offer support and elasticity , can be found in the dermis ( middle layer of skin ) .

Fibroblasts are the cells in the dermis that synthesize collagen and elastin .

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin , making up 75% .

Diminished levels of collagen and elastin cause your skin to wrinkle and sag .

Reduction of tissue in the subcutis ( fatty layer ) also causes your skin to sag as well as wrinkle .

Over time , environmental factors and aging diminish your body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin .

We lose 1% of collagen per year after the age of 29 .

Existing Collagen and elasticity are broken down daily by the sun , free-radical damage and smoking .
Protect your skin !

Weight loss causes skin sagging – Skin will stretch out with weight gain . If you lose the weight too quickly , especially when older , the skin cannot bounce back so it sags

You can slow down sagging by using topical products like over-the-counter retinols or prescription retinoids , which boost collagen production , and vitamin C serums , which help restore elasticity .

Friday, April 24, 2015


We get a lot of questions on serums. People are confused about what they are , how to use them and how to incorporate them into their daily regimen .
If this sounds like you , read on to see the answers to your most common questions !


Serums are lightweight , fast-absorbing liquids used as an alternative or in addition to moisturizing creams or lotions .
Serums are usually formulated to have the highest concentration of active ingredients in a skin care line-up .


Serums are formulated to penetrate the skin and deliver potent active ingredients into deeper layers of your skin than a regular moisturizer .
A moisturizer might also contain active ingredients , but it is primarily designed to form a barrier between the skin and the outside world , helping the skin to retain moisture .
Unlike moisturizers , serums do not contain occlusive  or airtight moisturizing ingredients such as petroleum or mineral oil that keep water from evaporating .
They also contain fewer lubricating and thickening agents , like nut or seed oils .
Most serums are water-based, eliminating oils altogether.


Serums are not mandatory in a regimen .
If you have specific skin care concerns such as wrinkles or age spots that your regular moisturizer is not addressing , you may want to consider incorporating a serum into your regimen before your moisturizer .
Customizing your skin care routine with a targeted treatment can help deliver results faster . Because serums are usually oil-free , lightweight and non-greasy , they can be a great alternative to moisturizing creams and lotions for people with oily skin year round or those with combination skin during warmer months .


Those with chronic skin conditions like eczema or rosacea have weaker skin barriers . The liquid or gel-like texture of a serum can penetrate the skin too quickly , causing irritation .
Speak with your dermatologist if you have serious skincare issues before incorporating a serum into your regimen .


Yes . Serums contain higher concentration of active ingredients , which are more expensive than thickeners . So the higher price of the serum is justified .
The good news is you only need to use a few drops of a serum , so a 1ounce container should last you months .


Different serums are meant to be used with different frequencies and at different times of day .
Read all instructions carefully to avoid overusing or combining active ingredients .
To maximize the effect of your serum , after cleansing your face , apply a pea-sized amount of serum , patting it evenly over skin with your finger . Then apply your moisturizer .
If you have sensitive skin , wait 10 to 15 minutes after washing your face before using serum . Applying a water-based product to damp skin is more likely to lead to irritation .

Wednesday, April 22, 2015



Skin that has lost its natural radiance , luminosity and glow is identified as dull skin .

The triggering factors could be
1 - Advancing age
2 - Skin dryness
3 - Damaged skin cells
4 - Very slow skin cell turnover

Our skin looks dull when there is a built-up of dead skin cells on its surface .
These piles of dead cells cause uneven , dull and rough patches on our skin making it look lifeless and dull .
Our skin could look dull due to dryness ; lack of moisture .
Regular exfoliation and hydration , both from the inside and outside are the most effective ways to brighten up dull skin .

Friday, April 10, 2015


Cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, and chocolates !  The sugar cravings never ends .
The promise of a slim waistline has only been a temporary motivator as I see myself fall prey to sweet temptations more often than I would like .
The shocker recently came when I found out that excess refined sugar is a big contributor to skin aging .
The culprit to be blamed for this is a natural process called glycation, where blood sugar attaches itself to proteins and makes way for AGEs (Advanced Glyacting End products) . These AGE molecules  can cause premature aging , skin dullness and sagging skin and these molecules are directly linked with sugar .
Sweet nothings are not nothing , after all !


Research and studies indicate that sugars in the form of added carbohydrates or refined sugars can lead to premature aging , sagging skin and more wrinkles .
When we consume simple sugars in the form of starches such as rice , bread , potatoes and sweets , there is a rapid rise in blood sugar levels . This blood sugar then combines with the protein molecules and gives birth to the new AGE molecule .

Apart from the usual sugar-related health impact , AGEs also affect the skin in the following ways :

1 ; Damages elastin and skin protein collagen , which are responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and firmness .
2 ; Restricts the body’s ability to utilize and produce anti-oxidants, making the body more vulnerable to damage by free radicals.
3 ; Makes your skin more vulnerable and prone to sun damage (which is one of the leading causes of skin aging) by deactivating the body’s natural antioxidant enzymes.
The math here is simple. The more sugar you consume, the more vulnerable you are to the damaging effects of glycation and skin aging .
The sugar impact is felt mostly after the age of 35 , as tissue regeneration slows down and glycation increases .


To prevent the damage caused by sugar you need to cut down on the added sugars from your diet . Though it is not possible to completely eliminate sugar (such as sugar in the form of fructose and sucrose, which are unavoidable and produce end products such as glucose and galactose , which can be easily digested so eliminating these natural sugars is not required ) .

Avoid food with added and high sugar content such as sweets , chocolates , carbonated beverages .
Limit the consumption of simple carbohydrates such as potato , pasta , white bread and white rice .
Increase protein intake to control carb cravings .


Replace processed sugars with natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables .
Limit refined sugar consumption to less than 10% of your total calorie intake .
Supplement your diet with essential vitamins such as a daily dose of 1mg of Vitamin B1 and B6 .
Fight the detrimental effect of AGEs by reducing / avoiding sun exposure especially between 10 A.M and 4 P.M when UV rays are at their strongest by using a high SPF broad spectrum sunscreen .
Increase the intake of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids by eating brightly colored vegetables , fruits and cold water fish such as salmon and sardines .
Add a handful of nuts to your diet and sip on antioxidant-rich green tea instead of coffee or regular black tea .
Use an antioxidant rich anti-aging cream and follow a meticulous beauty and skin care routine .
If a slimmer waistline isn’t motivation enough , think about your skin and health and cut out the sugar !

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Did you know that Vitamin C serums can protect your skin and even reverse the signs of aging ?
One of the hottest skincare products on today’s market utilizes nature’s very own vitamins in order to minimize lines , increase collagen production and enhance the skin’s protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Let’s take a look at why you should consider adding a Vitamin C serum to your skincare regimen:


Many skincare products make all sorts of claims to make you look decades younger without having any proof to back it up .
Unlike the other products , the effectiveness of Vitamin C has been studied clinically and documented in various studies .
Vitamin C increases the skin’s natural protection against the sun by as much as eight times . This is very encouraging since sun exposure is the leading cause of increased lines and wrinkles .

Another study resulted in noticeable reduction in fine lines and improved fine lines and reduced hyperpigmentation in participants who used a Vitamin C serum . When selecting a product to include in your skincare regimen , it’s important to use products or ingredients that have been proven effective in order to save your hard earned moolah !


The best use for a Vitamin C serum is to apply it in the morning underneath your sunscreen in order to enhance its protection .
Prolonged exposure to sun rays can lead to an increase in wrinkles , fine lines and discoloration .
A Vitamin C serum will also protect your skin against free radicals and pollutants in order to keep your skin healthy .


Vitamin C serums often combine l-ascorbic acid with other powerful antioxidants in order to maximize its potential .
One substance that is often used in many popular serums is ferulic acid . This substance has been proven to reduce oxidative stress when combined with ascorbic acid and vitamin E .
Another ingredient that is used in many serums is hyaluronic acid ; this hydrating base has the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water making it ideal for dry skin .

Topically applied, Vitamin C also has the ability to increase collagen production which is vital for youthful and healthier looking skin. Younger skin naturally has more collagen but levels natural decrease as we age and get older. Vitamin C can increase your natural collagen production resulting in firmer and more radiant looking skin.

Vitamin C Serums won’t make you look 10 years younger overnight by any means , but it can be a very powerful tool when used as part of a comprehensive skincare regimen including proper exfoliation , sunscreen protection , plenty of fluids and a healthy diet .

Thursday, March 26, 2015


After a new baby is born you start to notice dark circles , acne , skin discoloration , stretch marks  – the rosy glow of pre pregnancy from the raging hormones is quickly being replaced by acne .
If you are lucky to have avoided post partum acne , stress , and sleep deprivation , along with zero time for skin care definitely takes its toll . Every time you look at the mirror you ask “ is that really me ? ’’

Young mothers face skin discoloration post childbirth .
The forehead , nose , cheeks and upper lip appear to be dark and splotchy .
This “ mask of pregnancy ” called chloasma or melasma goes away when the body stops producing the excess melanin that it produced when you were pregnant .
As you wean your baby , these irate spots begin to fade away . To alleviate the problem of melasma and prevent skin damage , use a sunscreen of SPF 30 upwards , no matter if it’s cloudy or sunny .

Between feeds and diaper changes there are a hundred other things you need to attend to and the last thing you want is skincare added to your “ to do” list .

Here is a quick skin care routine for young moms – look pretty for those adorable baby pictures !

Cleanse :

Switch to cleansing wipes .
Keep the pre-moistened ones handy – close to your bed or nursing chair and cleanse your face when you get time . Try to cleanse twice a day to keep zits and blemishes at bay . If you’ve run out of your wipes , use baby wipes .
If it’s good for the baby it’s great for you .

Tone :

Toners and astringents take a back seat now. If your oily T-zone bothers you, use the witch hazel liquid from the hospital to combat this oil .

Moisturize :

Use your baby’s cream if you have run out of your moisturizer .
 If your hormones are giving you acne and pimples, you could look at using a moisturizer that works double time for you .
To treat break outs you can use products containing glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Skip products that are based on salicylic-acid formulas until after you have weaned.

Use a repairing night cream packed with anti-oxidants such as green tea, Vitamin C or Vitamin A to re-hydrate the skin , making it look firmer and younger .

A simple cleansing , toning and moisturizing routine is far better than not having a skin care routine at all.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Cellulite is formed from fluid retention and the accumulation of waste products and toxins in the body .
If you’ve ever tried on clothes in a dressing room , you may have noticed some not-so-pretty “lady lumps .”  Even thin women and men can have cellulite .
So rather than simply avoiding cellulite-accentuating mirrors , here are some tips on kicking it to the curb .
Exercise, stretching and weight-lifting (all of which help get rid of fluid , waste and toxins) are essential for silencing cellulite . When it comes to diet , avoid processed foods and animal products that leave toxic wastes swimming laps in your circulatory system .
Doing routine , mostly raw vegan detoxes will help keep your skin silky smooth and light on the lumps .

Choose to do a 7-day detox each month , a 3-day detox every other week , or a 1-day detox every week to rid your body of the crummies .
Here are some detox guidelines :

- Start the day with a large glass of filtered water with lemon or cucumber slices .
- Consume only liquids (green juices , non-dairy smoothies , herbal tea , filtered water ) and raw fruits and veggies until noon every day .
- Drink tons of filtered water throughout the day , at least half your body weight in ounces . For example, if you weigh 150 pounds , drink 75 ounces water . No sense in detoxing if the crud can’t ride the river out .
- Eat lots of raw fruits and veggies, preferably organic. The more the better.
- Have some raw nuts and seeds (about ½ cup each day) and cooked whole grains (about 2 cups total) spread out throughout the afternoon, but avoid wheat completely.
- At least 80 percent of your diet should be comprised of raw foods , and 20 percent can be cooked grains, beans and vegetables .
- Include a daily multivitamin to ensure adequate vitamin B12 and vitamin D intake .
- Avoid all dairy products , meats , fish , sugar , wheat , alcohol and caffeine .
-Add more green juices and raw foods as needed for energy .

A detox day might look something like this:

7:00 a.m. – Large glass of filtered water with cucumber slices .
8:00 a.m. – Green apple juice
10:00 a.m. – Herbal tea
11:00 a.m. – Large glass of filtered water with cucumber slices.
Noon – Large green salad with sliced veggies , 1 cup brown rice.
2:00 p.m. – Large glass of filtered water with lemon  with sliced veggies .
4:00 p.m. – Herbal tea
6:00 p.m. – filtered water to drink.
8:00 p.m. – Chamomile tea


Monday, March 23, 2015


Dear Friend,

Are you breaking out more often ?
Has your face lost its radiance lately ?
Have you even noticed the uneven skin tone?

How long are you going to sweep that dust under the carpet ?
Did you ever think that you might be mistreating me!
It is time for you to clean up your act . After all , I am the biggest organ of your body – your skin ! Stop sabotaging me by committing these skincare sins !

You take me for granted when you take your basic skincare regime lightly !

How would you feel if your best friend ignored you ?
Sad ?
Angry ?
Taken for granted ?

So how do you think I feel when you carelessly skip your skincare routine ?

There might be days when you skip a step . Maybe you’re too tired , too busy , or even simply not in the mood !
However, short cutting on cleansing , toning and moisturizing often , is going to affect me – your skin – badly .
Forgetting to exfoliate is an absolute no-no too !
Not cleaning up before you hit the sack isn’t going to help either .
The dirt-grime-makeup concoction is a sure way to make me angry and I will break out !

You forgot Sun Protection , and I was burnt !

Its scorching hot . You missed sunscreen ! See how badly I was burnt . I’m sun damaged !

Not using sunscreen just isn’t an option ! Skip it and I will have more wrinkles and fine lines .
Make sure that you do not miss vital areas of your face like the hairline, jawline, ears, and back of the neck .

Do not ignore other parts of your body either . Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher body lotion . Use it before stepping out , use it after you get indoors, and reapply at least every 3 to 4 hours .
The sun is not kind to me . You should be – I’m yours after all !

I pay the price for your recklessness !

When it comes to using makeup and beauty products , you tend to commit rather alarming follies ! Sharing makeup is first on the list . Share your makeup , and you are sure to share the infections as well .

Secondly , choose your beauty products wisely .
Just because it’s new on the shelf , doesn’t mean it suits me .
Get the right knowledge about your skin-type and opt for products specifically made for me .
Also, ditch those out-of-date products . They harm me more than you think. I am better off without products, than with allergies caused by some of the old stuff you’re still using .

Your bad habits are hurting me !

Occasional indulgences are all right . However , regular smoking and too much alcohol seriously wear me out . Cigarettes will puff out the radiance , result in deeper wrinkles , and make me blotchier .
Alcohol and other dehydrating beverages like coffee result in inflammation and dull skin tone .

Popping your pimples , unhealthy sugary , fried , salty , and refined junk food is as bad for me as they are for the rest of you !
Kick these habits off as they’re punching the life out of me !

I’m crying out loud and you’re ignoring me!

You are biasé about skincare . You turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the important changes in me . Aging , seasonal changes like dryness or oily skin, breakouts are all signs that you are not on the right skincare track .
Guess what ! that new product stung and you ignored the redness .  Listen to what I’m telling you .

Be sensitive to my needs ! If you are not going to take care of me , I’m going to breakout , become dull , get wrinkly and act up .
Show me love and I’ll love you back .


Your Skin !

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Beautiful , healthy , and youthful-looking skin is something most of us strive to possess . After all , our skin is the canvas behind the look we show off to the world day in and day out .
However our skin can be a bit tricky to care of and many of us struggle to achieve balance , particularly with changing seasons or during travel .
Have you ever noticed that your skin looks and behaves differently when you travel to a new location ?
This is because skin serves as a protective barrier from the environment and , in serving this role , it is exposed to environmental elements that affect it .

Here are 5 ways your environment can change the look and feel of your skin .


When temperatures are high our bodies sweat to cool down . Perspiration may cause a variety of skin issues such as irritation , rash , and acne .
A gentle cleanser to wash away perspiration is often a great idea . Moreover , heat can cause drying of the skin , leading to skin that is rough or flaky in feel and appearance .
To re-hydrate your skin , drink plenty of water to add moisture from the inside out . Also , moisturizers , particularly those that are oil-free , are helpful in providing topical hydration to the skin .


Colder climates are generally characterized by cold temperatures and windy conditions .
These elements can often strip moisture from the skin , leaving it dry , flaky , and even chapped or cracking .
What’s more , keeping warm with indoor heating can further dry out the skin .
If you find that you have dry skin , try to steer clear of lengthy , hot showers which tend to be drying and remember to apply a quality moisturizer whenever necessary.


The amount of humidity in the air can have a huge effect on your skin .
Low humidity can pull moisture from skin and leave it dehydrated , dry , and flaky .
In contrast, high humidity prevents evaporation of sweat , leading to clogged pores , oily skin , and in many cases , acne breakouts .
In both situations , it is important to keep skin clean and clear by cleansing and moisturizing . Ask your dermatologist about products that will work best for you.


The places we live , particularly urban areas, often contain environmental pollution .
Exposures to contaminants such as cigarette smoke, smog , and exhaust from automobiles can enhance the creation of skin-damaging free radicals , which may lead to wrinkles and other signs of skin aging .
Also , smog and dust in the air can build up on the skin , causing it to appear dull or dry as well as clogging pores and causing acne .
There’s no way to completely avoid pollution . However , to protect your skin from some of its effects , cleanse and moisturize your face daily , exfoliate as necessary , and look into the health benefits of free radical-fighting antioxidants .


No matter where you are living , the sun’s rays can cause quite a bit of damage to the skin . It has been proposed that the ultraviolet radiation contained in sunlight damages the structure of skin tissue , paving the way for the formation of wrinkling, premature signs of aging, sun spots, and skin cancer . Protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen with a high SPF daily regardless of the weather .

Friday, March 20, 2015


Who doesn’t love a clean , clear and glowing skin ?
Every eye glues to a face that is radiant, supple and blemish free . In fact skin speaks much more than just about your beauty .
It is an important indicator of your health - it mirrors the toxin levels in your body .
Healthy skin results from a healthy lifestyle . An isolated diet or a skin care regime alone doesn’t suffice the purpose .

Ever heard about skin detoxification ?

Flushing out toxic materials from the body is referred to as detoxification . Similarly , the process of skin detoxification is a method to cleanse the skin & get it rid of toxins .
Our skin gets toxic due to environmental pollution , exposure to sun , improper diet intake , smoking , alcohol intake and sedentary lifestyle .
As the toxins get flushed out during the detoxification process , there may be an appearance of  breakouts (acne, boils, etc.) , skin rashes etc . on the skin surface .
There are a number of ways to skin detoxify , ranging from easily affordable & home-made to highly expensive skin treatments .

Here are a few tips that aid effective skin detoxification :

Drinking Plenty Of Water : Consume at the least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day . Do not replace water with any juices , energy drinks or other beverages . Water is one key detox element .

Exercise Regularly : Any kind of physical activity like jogging , dancing , biking will do . Sweat out for at least 30 minutes everyday to get rid of excess toxins .

Detox Beauty Bathing : Use baking soda , Epsom salts and essential oils to draw out more toxins out of the body. You can even use beauty soaks or bath bombs for this purpose .

Consume A Body Friendly Diet : Include fresh & organic foods and anti-oxidant supplements in your diet.

Use Good Cosmetics : Look for products that best suit your skin type . If you are experiencing skin aging signs , a wrinkle cream  can provide you with an all-in-one solution .

These simple detoxification tips can save you from going bankrupt while aiding your skin . With time you will see a visible difference in your skin getting back the desired glow and radiance .


Ok , so we all have blackheads and it seems like they never go away .
The good news is , there are solutions and ways to prevent , control and get rid of them .

Let’s start from the beginning though and I will tell you what causes a blackhead .

Causes of Blackheads -

Basically when a pore gets clogged with too much oil (which enlarges the pore) and then it mixes with built-up dead skin cells that cannot shed normally .
The combination of the two then get exposed to air, which causes it to oxidize and turn black .

How to Get Rid of Blackheads -

You need to remove and absorb excess oil and also remove dead skin that isn’t shedding on its own .
Not all products will do this, even though they claim to .
Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid help along with gentle manual exfoliation .
Scrubbing harshly and vigorously will not get them out . You will only irritate the skin . This is one of the reasons that pore strips do not work .
These blackheads are not just sitting on the surface of the skin so it may appear that you got them out but you actually only got the tip of the blackhead .
Using proper skin care products will balance out your skin and keep the blackheads away .

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Skin pigmentation problems occur because the body produces either too much or too little melanin.
Melanin is the pigment in skin produced by specific cells {melanocytes}.It is triggered by an enzyme called tyrosinase which creates the colour of our skin, eyes and hair.

This faulty melanin production is primarily caused by chronic unprotected sun exposure or hormones {particularly during pregnancy or from taking birth control pills}.

As far as the skin is concerned , depending on how much is present , melanin does provide some amount of sun protection by absorbing the suns ultraviolet rays.

This explains why darker skin colours are less susceptible to sunburn and the overall effects of sun damage . But less susceptible doesn't mean immune from problem.

 1. Exfoliation- This is always the first step to getting lighter skin or removing permatan . This helps remove the outermost layer of skin that is darkened and / or damaged by contact with the sun .
Avoid over exfoliating , however as this can interfere with your skins natural oil production and cause greasiness I will recommend the following for best exfoliation result .
Get an exfoliating soap { Moroccan soap , nikkisavy kojic soap , nikkisavy peel soap }
Invest in Exfoliating Gloves / mitts / cloths to gently scrub skin with a couple of times a week {Hammam sponge, korean towel}

This is the easiest and fastest way to better exfoilation .
Instant result is achieved . CHECK OUR EXFOLIANTS SECTION

Now is the time to start using our skincare blends .
CHECK OUR LOTIONS & CREAM SECTION for all ranges . Apply 2x daily , At night apply twice on difficult areas .
NOTE ; Dont start any lightening creams or lotions until you are done with the exfoliating phase .

3. Moisturizing - This is highly important for healthy skin in general , but particularly for skin that is subject to exfoliation and lightening . This can be very drying on the skin so you need to make sure you restore skins moisture .

4 . Supplements -
This is important for people who lighten and exfoliate because stripping away layers of the skin can be dangerous and cause skin thinning .
VITAMIN C ,VITAMIN E , EVENING PRIMROSE , MSM , helps build collagen and also boost the immune system .

5 . Practice Sun avoidance and protection-
Exfoliants , peels , or laser treatments without applying sunscreen is a waste of time and energy .
Sun exposure is one of the primary causes of skin discolouration , disorder , melasma , cant keep up with the suns daily assault on the skin .
This is the most crucial element of lightening . You can have the best skincare products in the world but if you go out unprotected in the sun all your progress goes down the drain .
Get a physical sunblock to protect your skin from UVA and UVB damage TODAY.

NOTE : When buying sunscreen look out for ZINC OXIDE as an active or main ingredient . HAPPY SKIN PRIMING AND PAMPERING DOLLS.

Friday, March 13, 2015


Every year we make resolutions with the best of intentions to follow through. However, right around that 2 week mark , many of us begin to waver in our resolve . This year perhaps you’ve resolved to give up a bad habit , like smoking or excessive drinking .

It is well known fact that smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are two habits that negatively effect overall health .
Do you know that they both contribute to poor skin health as well ?

The truth is that smoking is bad for your skin .
It causes damage and leads to changes that make your skin look older . Smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin , which decreases blood flow .
This depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients that are important to regeneration of skin cells and causes your skin to take on a grey color .
Smoking also damages collagen and elastin in your skin which results in sagging and wrinkles . In addition , the repetitive facial expressions you make when smoking — pursing your lips when inhaling or squinting your eyes to keep out smoke can contribute to wrinkles around your mouth and eyes .
The best way to protect your skin and the rest of your body is to quit smoking.


Think about how your body feels when you have a hangover , dehydrated and bloated .
Your skin is going through the same thing !
When you drink alcohol , your kidneys are triggered to remove excess water from your system , instead of sending it to your organs , leaving your skin dehydrated .
When skin is dry, it is much more likely to wrinkle and make you look older then you are .

It doesn’t end at dryness , alcohol can also make skin look grey , bloated or red and splotchy . Alcohol robs your body of vitamin A which is essential for cell renewal and turnover , so your skin could take on a dull , grey appearance .
Being so depleted of vital nutrients , electrolytes and fluids , your skin often shows signs of bloating and swelling .  If you have rosacea , alcohol can cause it to flare up or worsen and it can cause blood vessels in your face to dilate and burst which will leave your face with red spots that are not easy to get rid of .

Drinking excessive alcohol also affects sleep quality , which could leave bags under your eyes . To counteract the effects of alcohol on skin you need to avoid excessive alcohol consumption (for women 4 drinks within 2 hours is considered excessive) and drink water to counteract the effects of dehydration .

For any intensive skin care regimen to work , you have to already have mastered the basics .
Beyond the products you use on your skin , healthy lifestyle choices like giving up smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can help delay the natural aging process .
So NS DOLLS stick with your resolution this year and see improvement in your skin GLOW !

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


It's been a while since I've been on . I see many new names & many familiar ones . There are so many products out there & the information (most of it by sellers) is deliberately vague & confusing.
Most ads appear to promise dramatic results & 'back' their claims with so-called testimonials or scientific claims.

Here are some things to consider before spending the money you work hard for


What are you trying to achieve ? If your skin is unevenly coloured , slathering something all over will exacerbate the problem .
I don't care what the product is even if its from the NIKKISAVY BRAND or how many thousands you shell out .
 You will have to first achieve an even tone before you see what your skin truly looks like .
After evening it out , you might love it so much you decide to simply maintain  .
A good example of this is significantly darker knuckles .


Any regimen will have to help and not worsen these problems .
Many products out there can turn your acne prone face into a veritable pizza or drastically age already aging skin .
You cannot just run to the store or start clicking BUY & get what appears to have worked for a friend .


If for example , your facial pigmentation issues are caused by taking The Pill , no cream will solve your problem : it is internally driven by the medication .
The same can be true for Melasma caused by a hormone imbalance . An endocrinologist will first have to help you get your hormones regulated . Topical treatment only will be a frustrating waste of time , money and energy .
If your lifestyle is behind your permatan or uneven skin , you will first have to change it .
Common sense : successful skin lightening of any kind demands that you make choices .
You cannot have it all : laying on the beach in your bikini will negate the effects of any cream no matter what the seller claims .
With some creams , sun exposure can leave you badly burned (only to hyperpigment like crazy as you heal) .


Forget what this or that CELEBRITY OR FRIEND does or seems to have done .
If for example your skin is relatively even but the same colour as Alek Wek's skin , forget about trying to become Alicia Keys' colour in 1 month !
I don't care what you use : doing so will severely damage your skin over time & it will prove impossible to maintain .
Be smart enough to know that no major physical transformation will occur in 1 month or some other absurdly time-frame .
 Set reasonable social goals for yourself . This applies more to those who are facing cultural pressure to lighten as much as possible .

The marriage market in some cultures heavily favours the fairest women .
These poor wanna-be brides go to draconian measures to lighten in order to snag the groom of their (or their parents') dreams .
Even if you successfully lighten yourself several shades , your future in-laws will see photos of you looking significantly darker . They'll also meet your dark relatives .
Any children you bear will inherit what your DNA dictates : not what the Monobenzone you used to zonk yourself paper-white dictates .
If you used a lightener that demands heavy maintenance and you cant afford the bills anymore you will re-darken . Then what ? Let no one fool you , there is no permanent lightener . You can only maintain a lightened result but nothing is permanent .
The more drastically you lighten , the less likely you'll be able to maintain it & the less natural it will appear .


 What colour will best flatter them ? Pay close attention to scientific knowledge , check facts & claims .

Anyone claiming to have a 'magic potion' is a liar . Anyone who claims that because an agent was shown in some lab to do all kinds of things it by extension will do so once processed into a cream & slathered on is likely grossly exaggerating .

 Anyone claiming that there is some secret ingredient or agent available only to celebrities is a liar : skin is skin . And everyones skin differs .That celebrity's skin response to products might be slower or faster than yours .

Time and time again we've talked about this , there is no lightner on the planet that doesn't thin skin . It's to what degree it thins the skin that is different .
Avoid applying lighteners on friction areas , inner thighs , inner arms . The more you apply the more it thins out the more your dermis gets damaged and the stretch marks come crawling out .

 This is just some food for thought that I hope can help someone before they begin on the wrong foot.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


So you spent a little too much time in the sun and forgot to reapply sunscreen and now you’re fried !
Yes, it is a little painful but there are ways to alleviate the pain and the actual burn a little quicker than just waiting.
Here they are…
 1. Aloe Vera - Soothing and calming , this will help the burn feel and heal better . Get the pure 100% Aloe. You can even keep it in the fridge to keep cold . That usually feels good on a burn .
 2. Honey - I love honey for the skin! According to research, it helps heal wounds, and applying some to your sunburn can encourage the growth of new skin cells . It also has a lot of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties .
 3. Milk Bath - It has anti-inflammatory properties that help heal a sunburn . I find this one to be quite effective.
 4. Cortisone Cream - Use this if it is swelling and really painful .
 5. Drink Water - Staying hydrated is important because this burn is very dehydrating .
 6. Grape Seed Oil - Another one of my favorites! I like to use this instead of lotion because this will penetrate the skin and actually moisturize whereas a lotion will just sit on the surface . Ouch !!
 What to Avoid
 1. Hot Water- Super drying to the skin .
 2. Abrasive/Harsh Soaps- Your skin needs TLC so if you must cleanse, you a moisturizing cleanser so you aren’t stripping your skin .
3. Perfumes/Colognes- The chemicals can irritate the skin .
 4. Lotions/Heavy Creams/Vaseline- As I mentioned above, the lotion sits on the surface and this can trap the heat in and actually slow down the healing. I also think it promotes peeling.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


For as long as I can remember , my mother had an elaborate beauty routine . No matter how late it was at night and no matter how exhausted , she always followed her skin care routine with a discipline that could only be called regimented . Till she died she looked 20yrs younger . Most people could not believe that she had hit the big 60 .
The secret behind her youthful looks was just the dedication with which she went through her daily cleansing , toning , and moisturizing .

While most women today will agree that pollution and sun damage are robbing us of our skin’s beauty,  Lazyness , Bad lifestyle choices, late nights, and stress all play a huge role in our skin’s health and yet we continue to question “ Why should skin care be a habit ?”

While most of us fall prey to exhaustion or sheer laziness to follow a daily skin care routine , in our defense , I can only say that we do so because we feel that the miracle facial will “ do it ” for us and cure all our skin problems .  What we don’t see is that long-term negligence can cause more than just crow’s feet .

Why should I cleanse?

Cleansing at least twice a day before you tuck in for the night should be your second nature .
Why ?
Unless you like going to bed with muck on your face and like the look of blackheads , enlarged pores , and dull looking skin , you need to cleanse daily .
It is very important to get rid of all the dirt and grime build-up on the surface of your skin and let the skin breathe so that pores don’t get blocked and acne and pimples don’t find a home on your face .

A lot of us also include toning as a part of their routine to help control oily skin and tame enlarged pores . A toner helps the skin feel fresh , makes the skin squeaky clean and restores the alkaline balance of the skin .

Why exfoliate?

Exfoliation once or twice a week should be a part of your cleansing process .
Exfoliating removes the dead cell build-up on your face and reveals the fresh and youthful skin underneath .
Additionally , it also takes care of the black heads and over-worked oil glands .

Why  moisturize (especially if I have oily skin) ?

A moisturizer should be applied to your skin daily so that it can hydrate the skin and make it look dewy fresh .
A lot of people , especially those who are in their early twenties and have oily skin , say that they don’t feel the need to moisturize .
The truth is that an oil balanced moisturizer helps to prevent water loss from the skin and seals in the required amount of moisture necessary to maintain that healthy look and also controls damage caused by the various climatic conditions .

Is Sunblock skincare ?

Until some time back , a skin care routine meant cleansing , toning and moisturizing .
Studies reveal that we do a lot more damage to our skin if we step out without a sun block than if we sleep with make-up on .
A broad spectrum sunscreen not only prevents that unsightly sunburn but also prevents premature aging , wrinkles , fine lines , crow’s feet , pigmentation , uneven skin tone and reduces the risk of skin cancer .  So you’re doing a lot for your skin just by wearing sun block every day .

If you want to leave the signs of aging behind and have fresh and glowing skin , then you should make skin care a habit .
It’s like brushing your teeth…take care of your skin and you’ll be rewarded .

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I've always been the type to experiment , with my skin supplements been one of my trials I enjoy a boost of antioxidants with oral / topical supplements in my skincare routine .
Antioxidants are terrific for reversing sun damage , and the natural effects of aging , and should be a part of your daily routine no matter your age .
Supplements also aid in boosting the immune system , prevention is always better than cure .

Vitamins A , C , and E , and minerals selenium and lutein , have all been touted as skin beautifiers , and there is growing clinical evidence that this is true . Some say that you may have enough in your regular diet , but it doesn’t hurt to take a daily multivitamin as well . Young people can start to take care of their skin before it ages with the simple addition of vitamins .

Dandelion supplements contain a great deal of vitamin C , and are good for your skin .

Flax-seed oil supplements can give your skin a healthy glow , and because it’s an Omega-3 rich oil , it’s also beneficial for your circulatory system and your brain . It is available in capsule form as well as a liquid that can be added to your other foods , and must be stored in a dark  cool place (a refrigerator is best) or it turns pretty bad easily.

Evening Primrose oil supplements has a mixed scientific evidence that it helps to reduce the symptoms of eczema , and perhaps other skin conditions . An added benefit is that it also may help with PMS – always a good thing . I love this daily supplement .

Gotu kola (which is not related to the kola nut used in soda) improves collagen production and thus can be beneficial for aging skin or even mild scarring . It also improves circulation and helps remove toxins , both of which improve the appearance of skin , and it is a mild diuretic , so it can help to reduces puffiness . Many people, especially in India , swear by it for its many other benefits also , including reduction of cellulite .

Aloe vera is generally a topical treatment , but unlike many other herbal remedies , its benefits have been demonstrated scientifically . It is wonderful for skin irritations from rashes and second-degree burns to eczema , itchy scalp , and hemorrhoids . There are aloe drinks available that have antioxidant properties, and also might ease headaches .

Neem capsules is a pure herbal extract used for purifying and cleansing ,its a great supplement to detox your system . Also used for treating skin disorders such as acne an skin allergies and generally good for the overall health well being .

There’s no one treatment that works for everybody . So start playing , find out what works for you .

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


In the quest for healthy skin many of us will try anything and everything . Armed with a drawer full of products we follow every tip we have every read or heard . And then we wonder why our skin isn't “perfect” . Could it be that we are overdoing it ?
When it comes to skin care , sometimes more is not “more” . Overusing or combining certain products can have the opposite effect you are hoping for - irritation , dryness , or cancelling out the benefits of the product completely !

Such is the case when it comes to Retin A and other retinols . Retin-A is a powerful wrinkle fighter that helps renew skin . So powerful it can also cause dryness and irritation . Take extra care when using Retin-A as well as other retinols .


If you are a first time user of Retin-A and experiencing extreme redness and irritation , you could be overdoing it . Start with only a small pea size amount . If you are still experiencing irritation , you may want to build up to Retin-A by using an over-the-counter product with retinol first . Allowing your skin to build up a bit of a tolerance (it could take up to a year) will make the transition to Retin-A easier .


If you are using Retin-A you should avoid using any toner that has alcohol , glycolic acid , witch hazel , retinols , or benzoyl peroxide . These types of toners are known to dry skin , Retin-A already dries out skin . Using this toners in combination with Retin-A will excalate the problem .
Skin undergoing Retin-A may be so dry that it begins to peel . You may be tempted to scrub the peeling skin away with an exfoliator , but this would be a mistake . In addition to peeling , the skin will most likely be highly sensitive . Rubbing a gritty exfoliator against it will only make the situation worse . Use a damp wash cloth to gently buff away dead skin cells .


This combo can lead to skin irritation for women with sensitive skin . To avoid this , alternate using AHA in the morning and retinol at night .

In the case of acne, be extra careful ! Retinol , salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide all fight acne and help prevent new blemishes. Using them together will NOT turbo charge your acne fighting punch ! On the contrary , it will set your skin up for failure . Using salicylic acid and retinol at the same time causes excessive dryness , redness and irritation ; and mixing benzoyl peroxide with retinol has the opposite effect as the two ingredients have been shown to deactivate each other. Meaning you won’t see any effect.

Use together with extreme caution . Super-strength concentrations of both vitamin C and retinol are both very powerful . Used together they can cause the skin to become dry .


If you are not seeing the results you want or your skin feels overly irritated , you need to look at your regimen . Ensure that you are not overdoing it with many actives is as important as determining if you are using the correct products for your skin type . And before you decide to try the latest new trend , remember more isn’t always more . You may need to remove a product or two from your regimen before you add others .


Analyze your skin type , troubleshoot your current skin care regimen , and get unbiased advice on the skin care products you should be using .



WHEN LESS IS MORE ; 2020 / 2021 has been a boom year for skincare categories .  With many of us now working from home, we’ve had the luxury ...