Thursday, May 30, 2013


 ENZYMES !!!!!!!!!!

 Do you want your skin to glow on a daily basis ?
 A good home care regimen with monthly enzymatic facials will do the trick . As we age, the natural exfoliation slows down , which leads to a build up of dead skin cells . We see this built up dead layer as fine lines , uneven skin tone and even acne in some cases.
Natural fruit enzymes enhance the natural exfoliation process , revealing fresh and healthy skin cells .
Fruit contains natural enzymes, and is safe to use on most skin types . Fruit enzymes also deliver antioxidants to skin .
Enzymatic fruits , such as papaya and pumpkin , provide both antioxidant nutrition and exfoliation to the skin when mixed with other fruits such as lemon , pomegranate , blueberry and kiwi . Enzymes are also very safe to use .
When the enzymes “digest” or dissolve the topmost layer of the epidermis (un-like all other methods such as glycolic acid peels, dermabra-sion or laser resurfacing), there is no induced heat. Hence , the skin is not traumatized, there is no downtime, and you are receiving clinical results while still receiving a relaxing facial .


 Lemon: Brightening and anti-aging. Good for normal to dry skin .
 Pomegranate: Hydrating. Good for combination skin .
 Papaya: Mild enzymatic action. Good for all skin types .
 Pumpkin: Excellent exfoliation properties. Good for acneic skin types .
 Blueberry: Brightening. Good for acneic skin . 
Passionfruit: Firming and anti-aging. Good for mature skin .

 Enzymes are used in every facial at Skin Care by Nikkisavy . They are chosen based on your skin type, needs and concerns. Plus, these fruit enzymes smell great!

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