Sunday, May 5, 2013


There are dramatically different ways to approach a skincare regimen.
Some women simply cleanse , moisturize once per day , or use a single all-purpose product , while some women have an arsenal of creams and serums that they apply at specific times of the day under specific circumstances . Often, members of one camp look on members of the other with disdain .
How could she not moisturize before bed ?  thinks one woman , while another wonders , Who really needs more than one face cream ?
 During the day , skin is subject to damaging UV rays , pollution , environmental stresses , and makeup , so creams designed for use during the day are primarily focused on protection and support . They contain SPF to prevent burning and photoaging , antioxidants to fight free radicals, and ingredients like caffeine to make skin look energized and firm .
Nikkisavy Day creams are designed to be worn under cosmetics, so they have light , nongreasy formulas that are absorbed quickly and allow pores to breathe . They provide a smooth, oil-free canvas for foundation to glide on smoothly.

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