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Are suffering from hyperpigmentation ? Hyperpigmentation of the skin is caused by an increase in melanin , a substance in the body that is responsible for color (pigment) . A common form of hyperpigmentation is melasma , where the skin develops brown spots in areas that have been exposed to the sun . Pregnancy and the intake of birth control pills can also cause this condition to develop and sun exposure can worsen it . Anyone can be prone to hyperpigmentation but there is a higher incidence among women with darker skin . For pregnant women the condition is often referred to as the ‘ mask of pregnancy ’ and may reverse when the pregnancy is over and also , if birth control pills are stopped. But for others , the condition can be a stubborn and persistent problem . SO WHAT KIND OF TREATMENTS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ? HYDROQUINONE - A common topical treatment for hyperpigmentation . You can find over-the-counter products that contain 2% hydroquinone (the maximum current


There’s a reason why there are so many options when you check out the moisturizer aisle at the skincare store . A moisturizer is not a one-size-fits-all type of product . In fact , what works for you may not work for your best friend , sister , or mother , they all have unique skin types that require a more tailored product . By understanding what type of moisturizer works best for your skin , you can get rid of some of your skin issues - it’s dryness or oiliness . DRY SKIN -  If your skin constantly feels parched and you tend to have flaky patches around your nose , you have dry skin  . Dry skin is practically crying out for moisture , so make sure that you give it everything it needs with an oil-based moisturizer that contains hydrating ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter . And since dry skin can look sallow and dull , think about choosing a moisturizer that is a bit pearlescent to help wake up your skin and make it look positively dewy . OILY SKIN - When you s


Stretching it , pulling it , rolling it - I played with my hair band today . The snap made me think of the permanent lines or striae that occur when we stretch and pull our skin a bit too far – stretch marks . These marks are seen when the skin is pulled by rapid growth ( puberty ) , weight gain ( pregnancy ) , ( muscle building) or stretching or by using steroid induced skincare products which thin the skin . In 75 to 90% women it’s a lasting token that reminds them of the rigors of pregnancy . As the skin stretches , tiny tears are seen in the dermis ; they start appearing as red or dark horizontal threads along the skin and gradually end up as permanent scars . With effective skincare routines , patience and time , we can diminish them away . KEEP THE MOISTURE UP  - Use Natural oils ; Almond , olive , castor , argan  or coconut oils and creams with jojoba extracts , aloe vera , vitamin E , cocoa or shea butter have been known to reduce recently developed stretch


Now that the holiday has passed and we retreat back to our more simple and quiet days (at least for the time being) , our bodies , when not at the gym may be in need of a good detox ! To achieve any skincare goals you must have a skin cleanse . All that food and drinking , late nights and travel are sure to have taken a toll on your skin . Starting your skincare regimes with a fresh , clean and hydrated cleanse will allow time for your skin’s radiance and health to re-emerge .  It will offer your skincare products an optimal opportunity to work its best . A detox will remove toxins in your body and will help purge the body of impurities , stimulate circulation and rejuvenate cell turnover .  All important activities in helping your largest organ reveal its natural beauty to the world . TRY THESE SIMPLE TIPS AND SEE HOW GREAT YOUR SKIN CAN LOOK ELIMINATE CAFFEINE May be a bit difficult if you love your coffee , however replacing your daily intake by drinking tea will do won


Acne is a pretty common problem for many of us . Although younger people are more prone to breakouts , adults can suffer with the embarrassment , annoyance and pain of acne as well . Here are some surprising factors that contribute to acne and how you can avoid them ! HAIR PRODUCTS  When it comes to styling your hair , what you’re using and how you’re styling might actually make your skin worse . Pomade acne is a type of acne caused by hair-care products . When the products come in contact with your skin oil seeps into your pores and traps bacteria there , resulting in pus , redness and eventually whiteheads and blackheads . To avoid pomade acne , try styling your hair so it sits away from the face . Use fewer products that contain heavy oils and chemicals . This will prevent clogged pores and improve the quality of your skin . Water based or all natural hair styling products will also help . YOUR PARTNER Sharing towels , sheets and pillowcases with your partner can expose a


Markets , pharmacies and supermarkets are full of products for skin care . The problem is that most of these preparations contain many chemicals that may be harmful to the skin , so it is best to delay the aging process naturally . One way of doing this is coconut oil ! WHAT IS COCONUT OIL ? Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel of matured coconuts harvested from the coconut palm . It has various applications in the FOOD AND COSMETIC INDUSTRY . Coconut oil as a  moisturizer serves to hydrate and protect the skin from various diseases and infections . Antioxidants in the oil encourage and facilitate the fight against aging skin . You can protect your skin in two ways : eating or rubbing oil on the skin . It is better to use coconut oil in it’s virgin state to get good results as when processed the oil loses its antioxidants and nutrients that are so very beneficial . This oil can be used on dry skin or dry areas like heels or knees to soften up instantly


WHAT IS SHEA BUTTER Shea butter is a fatty substance obtained from the nuts of the shea tree in africa , used in cosmetic skin preparations and food . WHAT MAKES SHEA BUTTER SO UNIQUE ? It's the best natural moisturizer gotten from MOTHER NATURE . BENEFITS OF SHEA BUTTER DRY SKIN COMBATANT – Perhaps there is no better natural ingredient than Shea butter to fight dry skin . Its natural oils and fatty acids help to penetrate deep within your skin layers and restore vitality . This moisturizer hydrates the parched areas of your skin . POWER PACKED SKINCARE – Bundled with essential skin vitamins , proteins and minerals , this product can go a long way in revitalizing and rejuvenating your epidermis . It’s one of the most potent skin healing natural products . ANTI AGEING BUTTER – Shea butter when used regularly for a long period reduces the symptoms of ageing .  A lot of women in Africa have been applying it on their skin for centuries , long before the world discovered


WHAT IS GLYCOLIC ACID ? Glycolic acid , also known as hydroxyacetic acid , is the smallest member of the a-hydroxy acid family . It is colorless and odorless, and is known for its high solubility in water . This chemical is found in sugarcane , unripe grapes , pineapple, and various melons . It is isolated and extracted for various skincare uses . GLYCOLIC ACID USES . Removes Dead Skin Cells Glycolic acid helps revitalize the skin in a few ways . The first goal is to manipulate the outermost layer of the skin by weakening the attachment of dead skin cells . This will cause the dull top layer of your skin to disintegrate and reveal a healthier and younger looking skin beneath . Stimulates Collagen This acid also stimulates the collagen and elastin found in the second layer of your skin . These are the components which allow for your skin to stretch and expand . If you pinch a small area of your skin and it does not immediate bounce back, then chances are your elastin


Did you know that your skin is constantly shedding dead cells ? Your body gets rid of 30,000 to 40,000 old skin cells every day ! That means the average person sheds approximately 1 1/2 Ibs of dead skin cells each year . With so much natural turnover , your skin needs a little help sloughing off the dead weight to reveal smooth fresh skin below . Cleansers remove dirt and oil from the skin , but they don’t always remove all of the dead skin cells . To effectively slough off dead cells you need to use an exfoliator so as to prevent dull skin and clogged pores . HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU EXFOLIATE  Exfoliating has important health benefits all year round . How often you should exfoliate will differ based on the body part and your skin type . The goal of exfoliation is to leave skin feeling softer and looking healthier . Over-exfoliating could end up doing more harm than good to your skin . FACE There’s a thin line between not exfoliating your facial skin enough and exfoliating too


When it comes to aging skin , most people agree that they would like to age as gracefully as possible . The changes you see as you age can depend on several factors like genetics and sun exposure , however if you develop healthy skin habits , you might be able to focus on prevention more than cure . Take a look at the list below for skin care habits that promote healthy skin for the long run at any age. SPF  – The sun will age your skin faster than anything else . Use  SPF every day no matter what the weather is like outside . For the extremely hot african weather would recommend SPF 50 and above . VITAMINS  – Take a daily dose of skin healthy vitamins at every age ! Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) is one of the most important vitamins your body needs . Your skin needs Vitamin C to produce collagen . Vitamin C brightens , lightens , tightens , and is an incredible antioxidant ! Vitamin E a substance found naturally in many foods , carries  tremendous benefit for skin cells . Th


Bananas : Being rich in Vitamin A , Vitamin B and Vitamin E , act as an anti-ageing agent . Opt for a facial using a freshly mashed banana mixed with honey to get glowing skin . It is a rich source of fiber , minerals , magnesium and potassium ; they help in proper blood circulation in our body and build immunity from within .They are a great substitute for unhealthy snacking in between meals . Lemons : It has high Vitamin C content and natural bleaching properties making it a good cleanser that lightens blemishes , acne scars , spots and skin tone . Start your day by drinking 1 glass of warm water mixed with a dash of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach . This fights cellulite and clears your skin from within . A mixture of lemon juice and honey reduces blemishes and acquire glowing skin . Pawpaw : A rich source of antioxidants and an enzyme called papain , pawpaw can banish skin impurities and remove dead skin cells when used on the skin . Rub y