Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Markets , pharmacies and supermarkets are full of products for skin care .
The problem is that most of these preparations contain many chemicals that may be harmful to the skin , so it is best to delay the aging process naturally . One way of doing this is coconut oil !


Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel of matured coconuts harvested from the coconut palm . It has various applications in the FOOD AND COSMETIC INDUSTRY .

Coconut oil as a  moisturizer serves to hydrate and protect the skin from various diseases and infections .
Antioxidants in the oil encourage and facilitate the fight against aging skin .

You can protect your skin in two ways : eating or rubbing oil on the skin . It is better to use coconut oil in it’s virgin state to get good results as when processed the oil loses its antioxidants and nutrients that are so very beneficial .
This oil can be used on dry skin or dry areas like heels or knees to soften up instantly . You will need a few drops of this oil which is also quite greasy to touch .
In some parts of the world ladies would luxuriate in coconut milk baths spiced up with flowers , spices , herbs and essential oils to soften their skin . These traditions have now been incorporated in many spa treatments .
A quick at home spa treatment would be adding  few drops of coconut oil plus essential oils to your bath . Guess what ! coconut pulp can be used as a body scrub too , it exfoliates and hydrates the skin . Many lotions have coconut oil present in them .
For this , read product labels carefully and see if they meet your needs .
The body needs replenishment in skin smoothness , tone and elasticity . Coconut oil is widely used in spas worldwide for skin rejuvenation . It is home-made and is a natural beauty recipe .
For this you need eight tablespoons of coconut oil , four tablespoons of castor oil , and two tablespoons of almond oil . Microwave the coconut oil . When in liquid state and without allowing it to boil remove from heat and add the other oils to it . Stir this oil mixture until well blended . This oil when applied to your skin leaves it supple , toned and younger looking .


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