Monday, March 23, 2015


Dear Friend,

Are you breaking out more often ?
Has your face lost its radiance lately ?
Have you even noticed the uneven skin tone?

How long are you going to sweep that dust under the carpet ?
Did you ever think that you might be mistreating me!
It is time for you to clean up your act . After all , I am the biggest organ of your body – your skin ! Stop sabotaging me by committing these skincare sins !

You take me for granted when you take your basic skincare regime lightly !

How would you feel if your best friend ignored you ?
Sad ?
Angry ?
Taken for granted ?

So how do you think I feel when you carelessly skip your skincare routine ?

There might be days when you skip a step . Maybe you’re too tired , too busy , or even simply not in the mood !
However, short cutting on cleansing , toning and moisturizing often , is going to affect me – your skin – badly .
Forgetting to exfoliate is an absolute no-no too !
Not cleaning up before you hit the sack isn’t going to help either .
The dirt-grime-makeup concoction is a sure way to make me angry and I will break out !

You forgot Sun Protection , and I was burnt !

Its scorching hot . You missed sunscreen ! See how badly I was burnt . I’m sun damaged !

Not using sunscreen just isn’t an option ! Skip it and I will have more wrinkles and fine lines .
Make sure that you do not miss vital areas of your face like the hairline, jawline, ears, and back of the neck .

Do not ignore other parts of your body either . Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher body lotion . Use it before stepping out , use it after you get indoors, and reapply at least every 3 to 4 hours .
The sun is not kind to me . You should be – I’m yours after all !

I pay the price for your recklessness !

When it comes to using makeup and beauty products , you tend to commit rather alarming follies ! Sharing makeup is first on the list . Share your makeup , and you are sure to share the infections as well .

Secondly , choose your beauty products wisely .
Just because it’s new on the shelf , doesn’t mean it suits me .
Get the right knowledge about your skin-type and opt for products specifically made for me .
Also, ditch those out-of-date products . They harm me more than you think. I am better off without products, than with allergies caused by some of the old stuff you’re still using .

Your bad habits are hurting me !

Occasional indulgences are all right . However , regular smoking and too much alcohol seriously wear me out . Cigarettes will puff out the radiance , result in deeper wrinkles , and make me blotchier .
Alcohol and other dehydrating beverages like coffee result in inflammation and dull skin tone .

Popping your pimples , unhealthy sugary , fried , salty , and refined junk food is as bad for me as they are for the rest of you !
Kick these habits off as they’re punching the life out of me !

I’m crying out loud and you’re ignoring me!

You are biasé about skincare . You turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the important changes in me . Aging , seasonal changes like dryness or oily skin, breakouts are all signs that you are not on the right skincare track .
Guess what ! that new product stung and you ignored the redness .  Listen to what I’m telling you .

Be sensitive to my needs ! If you are not going to take care of me , I’m going to breakout , become dull , get wrinkly and act up .
Show me love and I’ll love you back .


Your Skin !

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