Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I've always been the type to experiment , with my skin supplements been one of my trials I enjoy a boost of antioxidants with oral / topical supplements in my skincare routine .
Antioxidants are terrific for reversing sun damage , and the natural effects of aging , and should be a part of your daily routine no matter your age .
Supplements also aid in boosting the immune system , prevention is always better than cure .

Vitamins A , C , and E , and minerals selenium and lutein , have all been touted as skin beautifiers , and there is growing clinical evidence that this is true . Some say that you may have enough in your regular diet , but it doesn’t hurt to take a daily multivitamin as well . Young people can start to take care of their skin before it ages with the simple addition of vitamins .

Dandelion supplements contain a great deal of vitamin C , and are good for your skin .

Flax-seed oil supplements can give your skin a healthy glow , and because it’s an Omega-3 rich oil , it’s also beneficial for your circulatory system and your brain . It is available in capsule form as well as a liquid that can be added to your other foods , and must be stored in a dark  cool place (a refrigerator is best) or it turns pretty bad easily.

Evening Primrose oil supplements has a mixed scientific evidence that it helps to reduce the symptoms of eczema , and perhaps other skin conditions . An added benefit is that it also may help with PMS – always a good thing . I love this daily supplement .

Gotu kola (which is not related to the kola nut used in soda) improves collagen production and thus can be beneficial for aging skin or even mild scarring . It also improves circulation and helps remove toxins , both of which improve the appearance of skin , and it is a mild diuretic , so it can help to reduces puffiness . Many people, especially in India , swear by it for its many other benefits also , including reduction of cellulite .

Aloe vera is generally a topical treatment , but unlike many other herbal remedies , its benefits have been demonstrated scientifically . It is wonderful for skin irritations from rashes and second-degree burns to eczema , itchy scalp , and hemorrhoids . There are aloe drinks available that have antioxidant properties, and also might ease headaches .

Neem capsules is a pure herbal extract used for purifying and cleansing ,its a great supplement to detox your system . Also used for treating skin disorders such as acne an skin allergies and generally good for the overall health well being .

There’s no one treatment that works for everybody . So start playing , find out what works for you .

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