Saturday, March 7, 2015


For as long as I can remember , my mother had an elaborate beauty routine . No matter how late it was at night and no matter how exhausted , she always followed her skin care routine with a discipline that could only be called regimented . Till she died she looked 20yrs younger . Most people could not believe that she had hit the big 60 .
The secret behind her youthful looks was just the dedication with which she went through her daily cleansing , toning , and moisturizing .

While most women today will agree that pollution and sun damage are robbing us of our skin’s beauty,  Lazyness , Bad lifestyle choices, late nights, and stress all play a huge role in our skin’s health and yet we continue to question “ Why should skin care be a habit ?”

While most of us fall prey to exhaustion or sheer laziness to follow a daily skin care routine , in our defense , I can only say that we do so because we feel that the miracle facial will “ do it ” for us and cure all our skin problems .  What we don’t see is that long-term negligence can cause more than just crow’s feet .

Why should I cleanse?

Cleansing at least twice a day before you tuck in for the night should be your second nature .
Why ?
Unless you like going to bed with muck on your face and like the look of blackheads , enlarged pores , and dull looking skin , you need to cleanse daily .
It is very important to get rid of all the dirt and grime build-up on the surface of your skin and let the skin breathe so that pores don’t get blocked and acne and pimples don’t find a home on your face .

A lot of us also include toning as a part of their routine to help control oily skin and tame enlarged pores . A toner helps the skin feel fresh , makes the skin squeaky clean and restores the alkaline balance of the skin .

Why exfoliate?

Exfoliation once or twice a week should be a part of your cleansing process .
Exfoliating removes the dead cell build-up on your face and reveals the fresh and youthful skin underneath .
Additionally , it also takes care of the black heads and over-worked oil glands .

Why  moisturize (especially if I have oily skin) ?

A moisturizer should be applied to your skin daily so that it can hydrate the skin and make it look dewy fresh .
A lot of people , especially those who are in their early twenties and have oily skin , say that they don’t feel the need to moisturize .
The truth is that an oil balanced moisturizer helps to prevent water loss from the skin and seals in the required amount of moisture necessary to maintain that healthy look and also controls damage caused by the various climatic conditions .

Is Sunblock skincare ?

Until some time back , a skin care routine meant cleansing , toning and moisturizing .
Studies reveal that we do a lot more damage to our skin if we step out without a sun block than if we sleep with make-up on .
A broad spectrum sunscreen not only prevents that unsightly sunburn but also prevents premature aging , wrinkles , fine lines , crow’s feet , pigmentation , uneven skin tone and reduces the risk of skin cancer .  So you’re doing a lot for your skin just by wearing sun block every day .

If you want to leave the signs of aging behind and have fresh and glowing skin , then you should make skin care a habit .
It’s like brushing your teeth…take care of your skin and you’ll be rewarded .

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