Friday, March 20, 2015


Who doesn’t love a clean , clear and glowing skin ?
Every eye glues to a face that is radiant, supple and blemish free . In fact skin speaks much more than just about your beauty .
It is an important indicator of your health - it mirrors the toxin levels in your body .
Healthy skin results from a healthy lifestyle . An isolated diet or a skin care regime alone doesn’t suffice the purpose .

Ever heard about skin detoxification ?

Flushing out toxic materials from the body is referred to as detoxification . Similarly , the process of skin detoxification is a method to cleanse the skin & get it rid of toxins .
Our skin gets toxic due to environmental pollution , exposure to sun , improper diet intake , smoking , alcohol intake and sedentary lifestyle .
As the toxins get flushed out during the detoxification process , there may be an appearance of  breakouts (acne, boils, etc.) , skin rashes etc . on the skin surface .
There are a number of ways to skin detoxify , ranging from easily affordable & home-made to highly expensive skin treatments .

Here are a few tips that aid effective skin detoxification :

Drinking Plenty Of Water : Consume at the least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day . Do not replace water with any juices , energy drinks or other beverages . Water is one key detox element .

Exercise Regularly : Any kind of physical activity like jogging , dancing , biking will do . Sweat out for at least 30 minutes everyday to get rid of excess toxins .

Detox Beauty Bathing : Use baking soda , Epsom salts and essential oils to draw out more toxins out of the body. You can even use beauty soaks or bath bombs for this purpose .

Consume A Body Friendly Diet : Include fresh & organic foods and anti-oxidant supplements in your diet.

Use Good Cosmetics : Look for products that best suit your skin type . If you are experiencing skin aging signs , a wrinkle cream  can provide you with an all-in-one solution .

These simple detoxification tips can save you from going bankrupt while aiding your skin . With time you will see a visible difference in your skin getting back the desired glow and radiance .

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