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While it’s impossible to stop your skin from aging , there’s a lot that you can do to slow down the process . Of course, you need to start early so that your skin shows visible signs of aging quite later .

If you’re worried about fine lines and wrinkles , sun spots , and more , it’s time you do the best you can for your skin so that you don’t have to deal with these problems soon . And if you already have a few of these problems , it’s never too late to do the right things .

Eat and Drink Healthy :

Working from the inside out is the best thing you can do for your skin . What you eat shows on your skin , and if you eat a healthy diet , you’re sure to have beautiful glowing skin .
Include Vitamin C-rich foods in your diet . They help produce collagen fibers that are essential for keeping skin firm and supple .
Protein-rich foods like meats rebuild cells and help repair skin .
Cut down on junk food as it contains excess sugar , salt , and fat . These components of food lead to cell break down and damage your skin .
Always drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated .

Give Up Bad Habits :

This includes smoking and drinking excess alcohol .
Smoking is not only bad for your heart , but for your skin too . It causes skin to sag , wrinkle , and discolor , making you look years older than you actually are .
Smoking cigarettes primarily affects the delicate areas of your face - around the lips and under the eyes . The habit also causes wrinkles all over the body as the chemicals in the smoke break down elastin and collagen cells . Furthermore , nicotine causes your skin to age prematurely by narrowing blood vessels and thereby decreasing blood flow to the skin cells .
When it comes to alcohol , drinking in moderation is fine . But too much of it dehydrates your skin . Additionally , alcohol dilates blood capillaries which can give your skin a flushed appearance .

Use The Right Products :

Everyone’s skin is different so you can’t just slather on any cream you wish to . You need to buy products that suit your skin type .
It is important for you to know if you have normal , dry , oily , combination , or sensitive skin .
You also need to be clear about your skin concerns . Are you looking for products that will help fight acne , sun spots , wrinkles , or under-eye dark circles ?
Understand your skin’s needs and buy products accordingly .
If you’re unsure of a product , try out a patch test first .
Complete guide of good skincare products

Follow Your Skin Care Routine Religiously :

Once you know what products work best for your skin type , you simply need to ensure that you’re using them regularly and as intended .
Cleanse your skin daily . Avoid bar soaps that have sulfates as these can dry your skin .
Liquid cleansers are less harsh and using one with benzoyl peroxide regularly can help prevent acne breakouts .
Exfoliating your skin at least once a week is important . It will slough off dead skin cells and make your skin soft and smooth . Don’t overdo it ; harsh exfoliators can further dry your skin .
Some gentle exfoliators can be used every day though .
Moisturizing skin is a must - even if you have oily skin . Just be sure to choose a non-greasy formula . Moisturizing your skin seals in moisture and makes your skin supple . If you’re using anti-aging creams , be sure to apply gently on fragile areas .

Stay Out Of The Sun :

Sure , everyone needs a little sun . But if you have spent your whole life soaking up the sun , you need to stop .
Long-term exposure to the sun can cause age spots , wrinkles , and other skin problems . It can also increase the risk of skin cancer .
Avoid going out when the sun’s rays are the strongest - between 10 AM and 3PM . Whenever you do head out , be sure to cover yourself with protective clothing to block the sun out .
Opt for tightly-woven clothing , full-sleeved tops , and long pants . Put on a wide-brimmed hat as well .
And never forget to apply sunscreen . Choose one that has a minimum SPF50  if you are in africa and apply generously . If you’re going to stay out in the sun for long , be sure to re-apply every two hours .

Apply Make-Up Sparingly :

When it comes to applying make-up on visibly aging skin , less is always more .
Never try to hide your fine lines and wrinkles with foundation or concealer ; doing so will make them more prominent .
Go for mineral make-up ; it’s the best and most brands are also hypo-allergenic . Be sure to moisturize your skin well and allow the product a few minutes to get absorbed before you apply make-up .
Choose eye-shadow and lipstick colors and finishes wisely . Extra dark colors and products in a glossy or a frosted finish will make you look older . Go for creamy and moisturizing products in nude or light colors .
Remember to always take all traces of make-up off your face before going to bed . Your skin needs to breathe and going to bed without cleansing your face will clog up your pores .


There’s nothing to worry if you’ve started to see signs of aging on your skin . Just follow the tips mentioned here and your skin is sure to look youthful and radiant !

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